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We bring together the best healthy foods we can find, all ya gotta do is scoop it up - it's really that simple.

No more long drives for healthy groceries.

We were tired of driving an hour + each way just to piece together a healthy lifestyle. Our family thrives on healthy food, but we didn't like the time lost on the road. So...we decided to do something about it.

(y)Our Story

We're thinking waaayy different

Typical Grocery Store

type vibe

Bright lights. Staring boxes of cereal. Self-checkout. Faceless, non-local corporation. 30,000-50,000 different products that overwhelm you. Food abundance? Yes, great, thank you so much.
But it's 2024, think we'll switch it up now...-->>

Our Store

Grocery errand of your dreams

Real life human acknowledgment. Product recommendations, guidance, and sincerity. Kids area. Free samples. Lounge area to enjoy said samples. Few hundred products, all organic, Non-GMO, and/or local.


Our numbers will chime in now

Spices, Herbs, & Teas
Dry Goods & Pantry Staples
Organic / Non-GMO Products

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Whether you're a vendor wanting to tell us about your products, a customer with a product suggestion, or just a fan of our store - we would LOVE to hear from you.

The hype is real

Here Is What They're
Saying About Us

"Tare Bulk Foods is an incredible store! Has everything I needed and more."

Brynn Yonker

"Cozy ambiance, healthy foods, kind humans. Tare is a unique grocery experience in Middle Tennessee that I highly recommend to anyone who eats.The welcoming atmosphere and health conscious foods are top-tier. Sweet snacks, baking ingredients, local honey, grains, medicinal herbs, coffee & teas, epsom salts, etc- a genuinely impressive selection. I will most certainly be back.My favorites so far: The fresh almond butter, dark chocolate coconut chews (so good), relaxation tea, and medium roasted coffee beans!"

John Holloway

"Great bulk store where you can get the amount of food/fresh coffee grounds/soaps/spices you need in reusable containers or paper bags!! Amazing for reducing waste and the quality is incredible.They also have an area with a kids table and chairs, books, and activity wall panel that makes it easy for the little ones to stay entertained."

Holly Holmquist

"Tare in Dickson is my new go-to destination for bulk foods, and it is all so clean and well-organized! If you are looking for a wide selection of herbs, Tare is amazing! Plus, the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly!
If you are someone who loves to cook from scratch with quality ingredients, you need to come check it out!"

Ray Kutylo

"SO IN LOVE with this place- I'm so grateful to have a place like this right in my backyard. The aesthetic of the store is so calming, friendly, and peaceful, and Mitchell and Amelia are so helpful and encouraging. They're quick to answer questions and provide top notch service. So glad to have a local organic food store- now I don't have to order 50 pounds of a product, I can get how much I want here!"

Ellie Propert

"Kind owners who are generously helpful if you need it. Amazing product selection I no longer have to drive to Franklin to get. Rice flour, chocolate chips, mini pb cups, various salts, unpopped popcorn, various types of rice, pasta, and so many spices! Cassia AND Ceylon cinnamon. The herbal section was astounding - ashwaghanda, dandelion, marshmallow, nettles, echinaechea to name a few. I chose a few organic herbal tea blends, and look forward to trying them. The sample table in the back had a delicious licorice tea that was perfectly steeped, and did not taste like licorice at all. The prices were also lower than the online and Franklin shopping I do for the same products. This cute shop has a great selection of products, they just opened, I am excited to see how they will grow, and what products they continue to add."

Jessica Campbell

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