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We bring together the best healthy foods we can find, all ya gotta do is scoop it up - it's really that simple.

No more long drives for healthy groceries.

We were tired of driving an hour + each way just to piece together a healthy lifestyle. Our family thrives on healthy food, but we didn't like the time lost on the road. So...we decided to do something about it.

(y)Our Story

We're thinking waaayy different

Typical Grocery Store

type vibe

Bright lights. Staring boxes of cereal. Self-checkout. Faceless, non-local corporation. 30,000-50,000 different products that overwhelm you. Food abundance? Yes, great, thank you so much.
But it's 2024, think we'll switch it up now...-->>

Our Store

Grocery errand of your dreams

Real life human acknowledgment. Product recommendations, guidance, and sincerity. Kids area. Free samples. Lounge area to enjoy said samples. Few hundred products, all organic, Non-GMO, and/or local.


Our Numbers will chime in now

Spices, Herbs, & Teas
Dry Goods & Pantry Staples
Organic / Non-GMO Products

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Shopping At Tare

Get A Little
Or A Lot

Less Waste

Bring Your Own Bag or Jar

Support Local


Superb Quality

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Whether you're a vendor wanting to tell us about your products, a customer with a product suggestion, or just a fan of our store - we would LOVE to hear from you.

The hype is real

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Saying About Us

"We have a local butcher shop and now health groceries bulk??? I finally feel like we live in a decent town!! ."

Jen Hill

"We need this SOOOO much! Just shared with all my neighbors!!!"

Janice Wodka

"I am so happy about this! 🙌"

Terra Parker

"This is SO EXCITING! 🤩"

Sassafras Gap Herbal Apothecary

"This is the most exciting thing to happen to Dickson"

Gidel Felter

"Omgoodness love it!!!!"

Sheila McGinnis

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